So Called Heroes Ch. 1- Introduction

It is around ten in the evening. You can hear the sounds of cars driving, people arguing with one another, and a siren going off. The streetlights are on and there is a character named Soren who is out taking a stroll around the block. He has a book in his hand and a flashlight attached to it so he can see. The book appears to be called “You Can’t Spell Evil without Lie”.

Soren: “Wow. I am surprised she ended up like that. I never thought she was behind it all. I can’t wait to see her fate.”

While Soren is walking and turning the pages he is stopped by three men.

Gang Member #1: “Looks like you picked a wrong part of the neighborhood to walk around alone.”

Soren stops reading his book and pulls out a bookmark from his pants pocket. He puts it in the page he was last reading and closes the book. He then looks calmly at the three men.

Soren: “I’m sorry. Who are you guys?”

Gang Member #1: “We’re members of the Commandos and-”

One of the other members stops him from finishing his sentence.

Gang Member #2: “Law, there really is no reason to give answers to a dead man. Just know us as the people who are going to bury you.”

Afterwards the three gang members all pull out guns from their pants. Soren doesn’t seem to be phased and looks more interested than anything.

Soren: “Three “Revolution” pistols? A 92 series if I’m not mistaken. How did you guys manage to get your hands on guns anyway?”

Law: “You’re quite talkative aren’t you? Shouldn’t you be more worried about dying?”

Soren has a blank look on his face and stares Law in his eyes.

Soren: “Not really.”

Law: “That’s it! Light him up boys!”

The three men open fire on Soren. Soren smacks the bullets away with his book and dodges a couple with ease. The three men look at him in awe.

Law: “What, or who the hell are you?”

Soren: “I studied a lot on guns. If I know the trajectory of the gun and how your finger moves when you pull the trigger it’s easy to avoid.”

The three men don’t seem to believe him and keep shooting. Soren deflects them all and in a split second appears a few inches in front of them. He looks impatient.

Soren: “You guys are becoming an annoyance now. You’ve shot off 27 bullets now. There’s no more ammunition in none of your guns, so please drop them. There’s no need to continue this senseless fighting any more.”

Gang Member #3: “Fuck you, you bastard!”

The gang member makes an attempt to pistol-whip Soren but before he can do so, he is tapped on the shoulder by Soren, along with the rest of the gang. They drop to their knees for a few seconds, and then finally fall on the ground.

Soren: “Don’t worry. Even though you won’t be able to move for a while, I’ll alert someone of your whereabouts.”

Soren picks up all of their guns and throws them in the nearest dumpster. He walks away from them and continues to read his book. Ten minutes later Soren walks into a building and is greeted by somebody as soon as he walks in.

Person: “What book are you reading now?”

Soren: “This new mystery book I picked up yesterday morning.”

Person: “How many pages is it?”

Soren: “657.”

Person: “How far are you on it now?”

Soren: “I have thirty pages left.”

Person: “You read too fast!”

Soren: “I probably would have finished during my walk but something came up.”

Person: “Now that you mention it, it seems like your weekly walk took a lot longer than usual Soren, what happened?”

Soren: “I had a little run in with some people.”

Person: “I hope you fucked them up.”

Soren: “So much profanity Jax. But I didn’t bother.”

Jax (disgustedly): “You say that bullshit every time you fight somebody. Are you scared to have some blood on your hands? I’m pretty sure those guys weren’t looking to go out for pizza. I know we aren’t the murderous type but you could at least rough them up.”

Soren: “The only reason King is roughed up is because of me. Believe it or not there are a few people that don’t live to fight Jax.”

Jax: “That’s a pretty crappy way to live don’t ya think?”

Soren (walking away): “Whatever you say Jax. Whatever you say.”

Let’s Talk! Dread Journey (Six Months)

Ok so six months into my dread journey and we went from

To This

So progress is being made!

It is starting to not get so frizzy and loose after a week so that’s always a good thing…

I’m also happy I followed through with this journey because I’ve tried growing dreads before but always gave up because of itching, not being able to wash my hair as much, not liking how it looks at first but the third times the charm!

I’ll probably grow my hair put until it reaches my shoulders and seeing how long it’s taken to get to here that may be a couple of more years…

But anyway that’s it for my Dread Journey, more to come after I get it retwisted again…

Once again

Thanks for reading and blog soon!

Let’s Talk! Akame Ga Kill (Spoilers)

For a long time I thought this was the same manga as “All You Need Is Kill”

 So I binged Akame Ga Kill the past week. I seen it had a little over 70 chapters so I said why not. I also heard about a character named Esdeath and was interested in her character 

“How cool is It? ICE COLD!”

The first thing about this series is everybody dies…Ok not everybody but a lot…




I think the main criteria for judging a manga is…

  • Story/Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Tone
  • Misc. (abilities, etc.)

Reasonable enough right? Now if you’re reading this, I assume you’ve read the story or like spoiling things for yourself. So I won’t talk to much about the plot. 

So the story follow a poor village boy who wants to make money for his village so he goes to the Capital and tries to get money for his village. He sees how corrupt the Empire is and instead joins the revolutionary, in a group of assassin’s named Night Raid.

This is only the first chapter of evil Empire corruptness

If the story sounds cliche, it is. Young, handsome boy from a poor village joins a revolutionary army to overthrow the evil government. Not that cliche is bad, we know what we’re in for. I think the journey between the beginning and end is what matters and like I said before this manga is different where you don’t know who will survive to the end so one thing that kept me eager to read was seeing who was still going to be alive at the end? Was it worth It? Who can defeat Esdeath? Will Leone win another fight?

Half the people in this picture die

I think the story was good. You have some inconsistency and boring chapters once in a while but that’s bound to happen. I liked that even though the good guys won, it wasn’t without a lot of losses throughout the way. Many people died, some people aren’t going to be the same and theirs always a fear that the peace won’t last forever…Speaking of peace, even though the Prime Minister was horrible, is taking turns carving him up like a turkey a good way to start the new era?

I liked that Akame was the one to kill Esdeath. It was foreshadowed and they followed through with it. Akame just needs to cut you once and Esdeath, while inhumanly strong, is still human. 

I’ve also noticed that the manga and anime have some differences, mainly who dies. Tatsumi, Mine and Kurome all survive in the manga and I thought it was nice to not have everything so grim at the end. Wave being able to keep Kurome alive is a good chunk of his character development, and Tatsumi, while still stuck in Dragon mode, is able to have a family with Mine.

Dragon Dick!!!!!

Now for the characters…

I think most characters were pretty memorable, especially in Night Raid. They had their own personality and development and they felt like a family. Whenever a member died, they were as composed as they could be, but on the inside it hurt them bad and I think the author displayed that pretty well. One member dies not even ten chapters in so you’re left wondering how many of the group aren’t going to make it.

One character I felt suffered from the Worf Effect is Leone. She starts off as a powerful fighter but down the line, loses the majority of her fights .

This isn’t even the worst injury she had

On the villains side, Esdeath made a wonderful bad guy and final obstacle for the Revolution. She’s described as a natural disaster with a consciousness and with her around, peace couldn’t occur.

The author wrote Esdeath to be an unstoppable force and seemingly gave her a new ability every time we seen her. While this may be annoying for some, since she was the final villain, I was pretty understanding that they make her a powerhouse.

One of the few things I think was shoehorned into the store was her falling for Tatsumi…It felt like a bridge to gap Night Raid and her. If you took out her whole love angle and reworked some stuff, it could’ve ended the same.

One character I liked since his introduction was Wave.

In a world of Tatsumi’s and Akame’s, you have Wave

I think he had great development throughout the series. Worked under Esdeath for the Empire and realizes how corrupt it is and vows to change it from the inside. He also delivered one of the most satisfying moments in the story when he punched Shurya, the Prime Minister’s son after he raped and killed a fellow deceased comrades wife and daughter. 

He also put a stop between the long awaited battle between Akame and her sister Kurome by confessing his love for Kurome and convincing her to leave the Empire with him. 

And he also joins the final fight and helps Tastumi defeat the Emperor and Prime Minister because the civilians were in danger. Is he for the people or is he for the people?

For the fucking people!

The series obviously is a serious tone with biys of humor thrown in. The gang has their own quirky personalities like Akame and her affection for food or Bulat hitting on Tatsumi but nothing that stood out to me.The people in this series fight with objects called Teigu. Teigu can range from an eye that can see the future to being able to control ice, in the world there are many Teigu and Teigu users…

 An ironclad rule in Akame Ga Kill is that only one person can wield a Teigu. This rule, of course gets broken for the sake of plot.

It is also stated that when two or more Teigu users battle, only one Teigu user survives. This, I’m fairly sure was broken and only mentioned so Bulat could die and give Tatsumi his Incursio Teigu. Considering there was a war with multiple Teigu users and multiple Teigu users survived, I’m pretty sure that rule was meant as a way for Bulat to die…


All in all it is a good series that had me eager to see what the outcome was gonna be. This is one of those manga where you don’t know how it’ll end. I’ll probably reread it from time to time. Of course you have a bad or boring chapter here and there but that’s normal. I’m glad I decided to read it and while not in my Top 5, I do rate it highly.Saint Patrick’s Grade: B

And on that note, 

“Saint Patrick Out!”


Let’s Talk: So Called Heroes

Ok so more than blogging I would like to post my work So Called Heroes on here. It’s a manga in production, it has gotten good reviews, in other words…

It’s The Shit!

The shit

I have it posted on other sites a la Wattpad, Writerscafe so if you wanna read ahead be my guest but I plan on putting out a chapter every few days or week…

BUT you guys are only gonna get the first arc until it’s published…So stay on the lookout! I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Let’s Talk: How I Got Into Anime/Manga

I’ve been living the Otaku Lifestyle for several years now and it’s a huge part of my life now. I’m constantly reading manga, I watch a few anime (I prefer reading but stuff like Cowboy Bebop, I need to watch), going to anime conventions and lastly, I would like to make a manga of my own, titled “So Called Heroes”

I’ll try to be quick and not write too much. Dragon Ball Z and other anime that came on tv, I just exclude because I just thought of them as cartoons…

Sorry! Still Love Ya!!

But my friend came over one day and we wanted to rent a game. Blockbuster was still around! We walked up there and I didn’t have any preference on a game but my friend had watch the show Naruto and said 

“Let’s rent this Naruto game”


I’m An Xbox Guy Now Lol

I said ok and on the walk back he was just explaining the series to me and once we got back home, we started playing and one character that stood out to me was Kakashi Hatake. Silver hair, mask, one eye covered. I thought he was a villain at first…

In My Defense, He Does Scream Bad Guy!

But my friend said he wasn’t, he was one of the good ones and that I really need to check out the show. So I gave it a shot, it was during the Chuunin Exams, which turned out to be a favorite of mine. I started researching the show, watching it, was able to catch a marathon so lucky me…

Then I was on the computer one day and typed in Naruto and a website popped up and it was the manga version. I had no clue about it so I looked and seen it was based off a manga and looked into what a manga was, an anime, blah blah blah and naturally manga are further ahead in the story than anime so I had a long weekend of reading ahead. Naruto Shippuden, which is Part Two of Naruto was out so I watched that as well…Needless to say, I was all over the place, spoiling content, getting lost until I just went back and read the manga from the start.

So after Naruto, I hopped into many more manga, Detective Conan was the next one…I know I excluded anime I thought of as cartoons but I looked into Case Closed (American name) and started reading that because even to this day I love the series and got into that.

I could go on about the next series I got into but that’s a story for another time!
But yes, this is how I entered the Otaku Lifestyle; By my amigo…
I’m looking forward to blogging more and giving you guys more stuff to look forward to but until then…
Saint Patrick Out!